PVC Sheet Price

PVC Sheet Price-Printable Matte Transparent PVC Sheet for Card

Minde PLatic with good PVC Sheet Price,PVC S general performance PVC resin is a white or light yellow powder with a relative density of 1.35-1.45. The hardness of the product can be adjusted by adding a plasticizer.



Lead time:



Price Range:

23.6 in. × 47.2in., Customized

0.008 in.- 1.1in.

5 days

1000 KGS



Product Feature

  • Higher hardness.
  • Superior stiffness and strength.
  • PVC is a polymer with better electrical properties.
  • The coefficient of linear expansion of PVC is small.
  • Waterproof.
  • Excellent anti-static function.
  • Recyclable.


Plastic card is not as simple as a plastic card. It is actually a “credit card” that Americans love to use, because credit cards are made of plastic.

Therefore, Americans called the credit card plastic card by the way, and this name has been passed down.

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