Polystyrene plastic sheets

Polystyrene plastic sheet is one kind of plastic that is macromolecular chain comprises a styrene base. it has good transparency,  a glossy surface easy to dye, good rigidity, stable dimension. it is widely used for advertising light box industry



Lead time:



Price Range:

48 in. × 96 in., Customized

0.008 in.- 0.48 in.

5 days

1000 KGS



Product Feature

  • Good transparency(transmittance of 88%-92%)
  • Glossy surface easy to dye and print.
  • Good rigidity and stable dimension.
  • Eco-friendly, advantages of rigidity, insulation.
  • Excellent impact strength.


Polystyrene plastic sheets are widely used in advertising light boxes, stationery, toys, packaging, container equipment, household decoration, electrical appliances shell, and construction industries.

packaging, container equipment, Household decoration, general electrical appliances, and construction industries

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