Good quality 1mm HIPS thermoforming sheet for cosmetics box

HIPS thermoforming sheet is a material that combines outstanding forming, good coloration, and mechanical properties. the HIPS thermoforming sheet color, size, thickness are customized.



Lead time:



Price Range:

48 in. × 96 in., Customized

0.008 in.- 0.47 in.

5 days

1000 KGS



Product Feature

1٫ Good heat-resistant performance.

2٫ Excellent formability.

3٫ Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.

4٫ High impact good oxidation strength.

5٫ Low water absorption, non-toxic.

6٫ Good dimension stability, and machining.

7٫ Excellent electrical insulation.

8٫ Good abrasion resistance.


Hips sheet is widely used in the industry of vacuum forming to make mechanical parts and components with excellent properties.

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