What is the biggest difference between ABS plastic sheets in factories in Germany, the United States, and China

What is the biggest difference between ABS plastic sheets in factories in Germany, the United States, and China? There are many people in Shanghai who discuss this knowledge with you, and you must be aware of its composition and characteristics. Because ABS plastic sheets can be processed, their density is relatively low, their size is easily wasted, and their surface quality is free of burrs and wrinkles; It can also be placed under natural light, and CO, C5, C12, and C5 can all be processed. Under natural light, many sheets of this type are known, which is a common type of sheet material.

One type is the same specification sheet material, which can add 25% or more colors, and can choose the quantity and number of layers according to the characteristics of the product itself; Low flow laminated sheets can be applied, but they are still typical PE thick sheets.

Some sheets have been arranged without lace, and of course, some sheets will become fragmented after being squeezed, resulting in impurities. So we must choose based on the number of layers and the number of sheet layers, so as not to exceed 3MM.

We all know that sheet materials are divided into thin sheet materials and thick sheet materials, so it is still important to first know the production process and use of sheet materials, and the selection of sheet materials is also crucial.

Plants are primary films, so different films should be selected according to different objects. Transparent films should be free from light pollution, but the thicker the better, such as moon cake bags, medical sheets, etc. The thickness of transparent films of these sheets should not exceed 3MM.

The thickness of a thin film also needs to be selected based on different product shapes, which will affect the equipment’s ability to avoid picking. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection of sheets when selecting them. PET sheet products are a company that integrates the manufacturing of imported PET sheets. The basic scientific and environmental characteristics of PET sheets enable the production of products that meet the relevant advantages of PET sheets, in order to produce products that meet the requirements of the PET sheet market.

When selecting sheet materials, we should not only focus on the surface tension, but also on its transparency. Transparent sheets have black and blue colors, and if they are not white, it may feel a bit 89 coated. However, regardless of the thickness you need to choose, it should be based on the thickness. The thicker the thickness, the better its durability, otherwise it will look white or even peel off.

It is to touch PET sheets with your hands. High quality PET sheets have no odor, but they may feel a bit dry and rough to use, which may damage the sheets. However, if double-sided stickers are odorless and have a glossy finish, they are very suitable for choosing PET sheets in homes, offices, schools, and other places,

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Double color sheet
Double color sheet


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