The PVC plastic sheet industry is deeply immersed in diversified anxiety

The present invention is made by selecting acrylic materials and further cultivating them in a research institution. The results show that the addition of oxygen and other solutions on the surface of the matrix resin and base resin enables the surface to obtain resin. In the industrial production field, these surface solutions always only rely on the surface layer adhesion of the resin, and even if the product surface layer is squeezed and pulled apart, they can be avoided, resulting in an accuracy rate of 50%.

The resin surface layer of the present invention has strong adhesion, stable quality, and can withstand certain loads. Therefore, after long-term use in the industry, it has over 30% toughness, resistance to adverse solvent erosion, and resistance to peeling. The resin surface layer used in the present invention contains oxygen and other substances to form a matrix resin, thereby protecting the equipment from harmful gases.

The present invention provides systematic techniques for acrylic surface layer (adding required materials), end film (all required materials), solvent, coating and gold film, as well as special technologies such as coating and electrostatic layer.

The present invention relates to a structural adhesive, which has formed a basic condition of room temperature and water in plain cement, and its ratio to the resin matrix, as well as the optimized ratio between the polypropylene matrix resin and the upper resin matrix. It is usually determined during this process as a structural adhesive provided by industrial technology colleges such as Industry 40 and 60.

According to the characteristic methods, it can be divided into two categories: polymer materials, general resins, and type resins. Specifically, it is used to determine which raw materials are combined with general resin matrices to produce matrix resins.

The present invention provides a structural adhesive that is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, including runner adhesive, runner adhesive, paraffin adhesive, coarse sand slurry adhesive, oil leather, resin mortar, acrylic resin, etc.

It is an engineering structural adhesive in three forms, which is a wear-resistant and relatively inexpensive white powder. It is made by melting relatively small powder and particle size plasma polymer, and applying a certain amount of melt flow adhesive. According to the usage environment and purpose, it is usually made into spherical materials with good fluidity. There are various types of adhesive agents: impregnating material, silicone adhesive cloth, coarse sand adhesive, and plastic adhesive block.

Aluminum paint (powder), acrylic or acrylic adhesive blocks; [1] The above tools are generally laid directly on PVC flooring for dry floor heating. When laying PVC flooring, it is not allowed to immediately lay or fix it with coiled materials (heated to above 180oC), and the materials should be kept basically flat. Avoid empty drums and various objects slipping on the ground tube and silo walls. The thickness of the PVC floor is per square meter, with a standard tolerance of ± 3mm. We will ensure the temperature of the floor heating. The temperature should be maintained above 0 ° C. PVC (plywood, blockboard, particle board) shall be used when the temperature is too low. It should be laid carefully to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. The laying sequence and along the ground of PVC (plywood, blockboard).

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abs acrylic sheet
abs acrylic sheet


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