The first breakthrough in the PVC plastic sheet industry

For the first time in the PVC plastic sheet industry, within the last 7 hours of pre entry sales, users who adhere to the technology in use and sales mode to provide safety value solutions for enterprises have nine major advantages that have brought about future macro trends: after thousands of city level actual materials, industry VOCs will be replaced and put into greater use.

China has been implementing import environmental protection standards since 2005. Under the popularization strategy based on the previous backward epidemic, the prices of PVC, PVC resin sheets, PET, and POM are also in line with production capacity. Due to the demand for international processes, the demand and saturation of the international market are still inevitable, and the continuous manifestation of globalization is also reflected in the value pursued by manufacturers for products. Under enormous competitive pressure, Hualing Technology has helped downstream enterprises to see the magnificent market situation clearly, and has insisted on opportunities for suppliers and all their talents and production capacity to be transformed at the same time. The key opportunities that have been severely hit by the optoelectronic manufacturing industry, downstream industry, and independent market have also begun to match the high demand for terminal production.

In the context of the growing demand for plastic products such as pB, PP and PB, which have been restricted by the market for a long time, the functional and aesthetic sheets and PVC materials developed by Valin Technology can play two roles in the research and development, which is bound to be comprehensive, firm and trustworthy for the future production direction and provide the strongest supply force for the future development.

Since the manufacturing of Jiguang film, “Shanghai Jia Design” and “Shanghai Jia Design” (“Shanghai Jia Design”) have become the leading Golden Hair Technology in terms of reputation. The three core elements of “Jiangsu Jia Design” are the daily work and applicability of our employees. Jinfa Technology continuously provides consumers with high-quality products and services. The classic growth path of “Jinfa Technology R&D Achievements” has become a “globally renowned engineering plastic manufacturer” and has received unanimous praise from all sectors of the industry.

The “Gold Wire Backboard” material includes three parts: PP frosted facial mask, transparent PP particles and glass sheets. The main difference is that the surface is coated with vacuum aluminum zinc coating and environmental protection PP film; PP mist surface, making it beautiful and clean; The surface of the “Yasi Backboard” is coated with glass to enhance the photosensitive effect, environmentally friendly PP surface, and “velvet surface” wear-resistant film; The “transparent PP surface” wear-resistant film is wrapped on the surface of glass or plastic, making it easier to stick and install, thereby reducing material costs, greatly reducing construction costs, avoiding the awkwardness of “gold wire backboard”, and meeting the needs of environmentally friendly homes.

PP matte facial mask includes: PP baking plate, PET light white, PET spray paint film, PP light white, PET light white; (The surface is a transparent film, and there will be no wrinkling, tape detachment, or other phenomena); The surface is pure PVC, opaque, and easy to absorb into a realistic PVC color film, resistant to dirt; firmly bonded with adhesive, easy to replace in the later stage.

The electrostatic facial mask is a product designed to meet the requirements of high sensitivity in specific places. Has extremely high conductivity and resistance, and extremely low dielectric loss; Excellent shock absorption performance, extremely low water absorption, good impact resistance, and good appearance.

PET board, PP board, PE board, PVC board, polypropylene board, nylon board, rubber plastic products, inorganic plastic waterproof coating, drainage board, geotextile, non-woven fabric, granular materials and other materials.


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