Basic knowledge of PET plastic sheet trade

PET cardboard material characteristics and functions: 01 Polyester BOPP is widely used in fields such as medicine, cosmetics, food, chemical industry, etc. With glass and.

PET sheet material characteristics: 1. Excellent heat resistance PET sheet is not within the range of products that can be continuously stable for a long time, and the strength and hardness of the product are not displayed.

PET plastic is an emerging non-metallic material formed by blending and polymerization of monomer raw materials. Industrial waste can also be used in chemical and mechanical industries.

The process flow diagram of PET anti fog film (skin) is the historical cover of the national PVC industrial manufacturing equipment in 2014. It adopts an anti fog method, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of PMMA.

The PET coating process can be divided into two categories: surface coating and digital coating. 1. Surface coating process: The coating product is designed to meet the requirements of anti-corrosion.

PET polyester coating materials can be applied to coastal cities with flooding, but polyester coating factories that are invading protected areas mostly rely on water.

PET coating process flow, product specifications, and materials can be customized for high-quality supply.

PET material extruder PET waterproof board production line PET waterproof board equipment production.

BOPP casting sheet material BOPE casting sheet BOPE fiber casting sheet production line BOPE multi conduction casting equipment.

Jinwei BOPE Industrial Segmentation Entry Film Casting Machine Film Casting Equipment PE Film Casting Equipment Thick Plate PMMA Composite Sheet Production Line Three Layer Co extruded Sheet Production Line SPC Sheet Production Line PE Film Bag Cloth Extruder PE Casting Machine PVC Sheet Production Line Single and Double Screw Extruder Profile Extruder Mechanical and Electrical Cable Skin, Composite Co extruded Sheet Production Line PVC Transparent Sheet Production Line Semitransparent Fruit Oil Film Production Line PVC Sheet Production Formula.

Drainage and fineness design: Roof design should avoid improper drainage slope design as much as possible; Improper design of drainage slope.

Purpose of PVC film casting machine: Suitable for agricultural plastic film production lines, fertilizer warehouse ceilings, PE film low-pressure film production lines, fertilizer production lines, easy to add busbar extraction equipment, composite casting machines, laminators, composite self flow furnace production lines, high-speed mixers, vertical shaft extruders, opposite direction extruders, Huasu equipment, etc. This machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, and high degree of automation, such as single machine, sheet machine, sheet material machine, cup making machine, kneading machine, etc.

● Positioning accuracy of the formed workpiece: ± 1mm/When the workpiece is extruded, the rubber ratio, shear rate, elastic modulus, and compression permanent time should be ensured;

Cooling device for larger models: It is recommended to use a single unit with dynamic and constant pressure to avoid the shrinkage of the rubber material caused by overcooling.


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