ABS plastic sheet high-end commercial circle

The high-end commercial circle of ABS plastic sheets is increasingly inseparable from the superior characteristics of ABS sheets. ABS plastic.

ABS plastic sheets have excellent comprehensive properties, including good resistance to low temperature, chemical corrosion, wear resistance, oil and corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and flame retardancy.

ABS plastic sheets have excellent mechanical properties, formability, impact resistance, and heat resistance. ABS plastic sheet is a plastic sheet made from acrylonitrile as the main raw material, with an appropriate amount of modifiers, antioxidants, stabilizers, lubricants, and injection molding agents added. It is processed through processes such as casting, refining, extrusion or rolling, static electricity, carbon dioxide, etc.

ABS plastic sheets have a low density, good elasticity, and are not easily damaged. Due to its excellent high-temperature resistance and bending resistance, it has been widely welcomed.

The density of ABS plastic board is very high, much lower than the density of strength, and the linear expansion coefficient does not change much.

Anti static PA board, also known as anti static polypropylene board, is made of PTFE as the substrate and has been processed and formed through rinsing, adding flame retardants, and other additives for removal.

Anti static ABS board has high rigidity, high hardness, and high strength, but the notch impact resistance is average. So the durability of this product is good. Commonly used to make molds, due to the high strength of the parts, it effectively prevents the softening and deformation of metal materials during manufacturing.

Anti static PA board is generally used as industrial board, and some can also be used as equipment, so it is also called anti static PA board. Anti static PA board is a semi crystalline material. It is harder than PA board and has a good melting point. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PA film. The wear resistance temperature is below 0 ° C.

Now we know that the anti-static PA board is made of plastic, so I guarantee the quality as well. However, plastic sheets, after special processing, can prevent chemical corrosion and have certain wear resistance. They can be formed through injection molding, blow molding, and hot forming. They can be mixed and adhered together with other similar products.

The use of anti-static PA boards is becoming increasingly popular. In what aspects is its excellence reflected, and what factors have led to the use of anti-static PA boards becoming the focus of consumer attention?

Firstly, the anti-static PA board is anti-static, which has attracted more attention from many people who have a certain understanding of anti-static. Because the anti-static PA board is truly effective in eliminating anti-static defects, it has some special features and also makes the anti-static PA board more adaptable.

Secondly, the temperature stability of the anti-static PA board allows it to adapt to a wide range. Usually, anti-static PA boards have self extinguishing properties at room temperature and are not easily damaged. During testing, it can withstand temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Celsius, while a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius can maintain approximately four times that of 100 degrees Celsius, thus improving its anti-static performance.

When the anti-static PA board can meet ordinary special needs, it can be well met. The above three types of anti-static boards have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the truly effective differences lie in the following points.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


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