What are the technical requirements for the production of PET plastic sheets

What are the technical requirements for the production of PET plastic sheets? Performance of PET plastic sheets? The main characteristics of PET plastic sheet: 1. PET plastic sheet has good insulation performance, high temperature resistance, high transparency, and good porcelain quality, making it the preferred disposable material for key national defense scientific research experiments and important performance testing objects; The 2PET plastic sheet still maintains alignment.

During the production of PET sheet equipment, in order to meet the requirements of industrial technology, it is sometimes necessary to perform heat treatment or quality inspection on the equipment, which can greatly reduce the production cost of the equipment and also greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operators. The common scope of PET sheet equipment includes medical equipment, national defense equipment, power systems, consumer equipment, special equipment, food machinery, and other equipment outputs. So PET sheet equipment has high requirements for equipment temperature and environmental temperature, otherwise it is easy to cause equipment damage. What needs to be noted is the technical conditions of the equipment, which we need to master!

The shaped PET plastic sheet cannot undergo self suction molding, but can be assisted by the machine for suction molding.

The plastic hard sheets on the surface of the blister packaging box must be heated using a heating system, and all heating elements should be heated to ensure that the material is completely dry.

Self degradable plastic is a type of plastic obtained by blending propylene, butadiene, and styrene as the base material, adding active additives, and using a biological oxidant method. It has resistance to chemical and biological corrosion, and is also a combustible, non-toxic, and combustible material. Compared with plastic, it also has environmental transparency, elasticity, and breathability, as well as good heat resistance and low temperature resistance. Suitable for surface packaging of different materials such as PS and PP.

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Supply Meilin suction tray to tackle new environmentally friendly plastic materials. Sewage treatment equipment can be customized according to the drawings.

Supply Polish PE+PVC+PET plastic PP+nylon+GF+high rigidity dual station reinforcement.

The complexity of price control for piezoelectric materials: Conductive plastics (such as the piezoelectric heat sealing machine components of Germany’s Lianpeng company, which can be used in this way).

Precision instrument testing requires high sensitivity in product model, specification, and quality requirements, so the requirements for breakdown voltage and testing effectiveness are very urgent. Laser can measure the length and width, angle and height of products, as well as the profile defects of Abes and Sabois.

Testing materials: plastic PCB+organic glass+PCM polymer composite material – PEVA, etc.

V1: UV treatment layer, V1 particles -002% specification: 12500mm.

Y1: EPDM PUMA+PCM 26: ST12AV polymer flexible PU stadium engineering.

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PET plastic sheet


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