High production standard PET plastic sheets

PET plastic sheets with high production standards are custom-made and processed for food and beer bottles. There are conventional “isolated, skin sensitive” transparent plastic sheets, or cream box and skin sensitive sheets, which have good anti impact performance. Complies with FDA standards and can be directly colored and placed in food and aquatic products.

PET highly transparent brand new plastic film is meticulously simulated and improved from an optical perspective. It has characteristics such as high transparency, good flexibility, and acid and alkali resistance, and can be directly exposed for use. It has rich colors, light weight, excellent surface hardness, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance, and does not contain any toxic substances. Widely used in food, medicine, vegetables, fish food, fats, restaurants, laboratories, foaming and other fields.

(LP) High flow PET preservation transparent sheet material, milky white PET semi transparent PET film material, electronic parts, etc.

Transparent PET sheets, PET rolls, PET sheets, PET double-sided films, PET patterns, PET double-sided self-adhesive, etc.

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The peek board produced by the Jinsheng Peek Board Factory under the Jinsheng brand is an environmentally friendly solid board with high strength. Due to its simple decorative fabric style, multiple optional finishes, and unique waterproof effect, it is favored by many people. After being made of plywood, the 01m thick product is like a curled tube of rice, and can maintain a relatively flat state even when applied to PVC and PETG, making it a relatively good product today. PET sheet factory Jinsheng lamination products can produce PET sheets with matte yellow transmittance coefficient as long as they are of copper type (i.e. copper type) or copper type bright white PET sheets. PET sheets are mainly suitable for daily chemical production, toy packaging, building materials, and other aspects. Anti static plastic board in Hangzhou city.

The company is a modern professional service enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and management. Since the establishment of the plastic sheet factory, after years of development and business process, the company has thousands of advanced technologies and products, with vacuum forming, molding, air cooling, thermal insulation molding.

The company has developed into a high-quality plastic sheet and plastic sheet production line with a long history, and has a skilled technical team specializing in plastic sheet and profile extrusion production processes.

There are several types of raw materials on the same production line: thermoplastic sheets, PE sheets, OPP sheets, and epoxy.

The main raw materials for the automotive component production line are extruded plastic sheets, sheets, rapidly cooled plastic sheets, and plastic packaging that adheres closely to the surrounding sheets and floors. Made of plastic.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


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