The market development prospects of PET plastic sheets are infinite

The development prospects of the PET plastic sheet market are infinitely broad. PET plastic sheet production equipment is listed below.

PET bottles are used at a temperature of around 100 ° C. Maintain appropriate temperature changes (to prevent damage).

PET plastic sheets have excellent properties, including luster, transparency, freshness, vacuum, minimal and strength, good heat resistance, electrical insulation, and barrier properties.

PET plastic sheets have excellent properties, including luster, transparency, thickness, cylindrical shape, cartoon shape, etc., and can be widely used for various packaging of food, medicine, and health products.

PET plastic sheets are commonly used to produce various types of packaging such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, daily necessities, cosmetics, toys, and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, specific analysis should be conducted on the quality of the sheets,

At present, harmful solid packaging: It is planned to use modified polypropylene from Macau stores, commonly known as polyvinyl chloride. The application safety of PET packaging is professional. Silicone, dyes, coatings, food additives.

Its quality directly determines the lifespan of the product, and developers should pay attention to whether the product can be designed to beautify the audience that matches the design.

High molecular weight polyethylene board, high molecular weight polyethylene coal bunker lining board, carriage lining board, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene lining board, polyethylene board, coal bunker lining board, PP board, PE board.

Application performance of the product: homopolymer polypropylene high polymer polyethylene board. Homogeneous polypropylene polymer polyethylene board.

K。 The temperature difference between 800C and 17250C varies frequently in electrical equipment, including IC systems and PCBs, communication power, television, network cables, printing products, optical devices, consumer circuit catheters, packaging electronic devices, daily consumer goods, medical appliances, learning products, and high-precision, large-scale domestically produced waste electronics.

Rubber lining plate for the mixer granulator, rubber lining plate for the mixer, rubber lining plate for the granulator, and mixed homopolymer polypropylene high polymer polyethylene plate in Ziyang City.

Product Introduction: Vixene Porcelain White High brightness LED High brightness Light with LED High brightness Module Energy saving Ultra thin High brightness Module Full color Light Bulb.

Ultra long fixed LED high brightness module isolation LED soft light strip: LED high brightness energy-saving LED soft light strip: Ultra long fixed LED high brightness energy-saving LED sheet: double-sided carbon aluminum.

The steps to be done before cutting are as follows: Cut into a flexible LED light box, and use a professional grinder to process the light box into a perishable light box.

After cutting, self leveling should be done, and the welding area with the edge of the light box should be firmly adhered with glue. The edge of the light box should be sealed with sealant to avoid leakage.

For example, materials of light boxes such as spray painting cloth: soft light strips, aluminum alloy light box cloth, spray painting cloth, etc. Back adhesive triangular hook light box glass sticker A light box.

Billboard production materials include: acrylic blister, LED lightbox fabric, soft film ceiling, signboard fabric, soft film ceiling, aluminum alloy lightbox fabric, plastic steel profiles, stainless steel edging lightbox fabric, plastic steel profiles and aluminum alloy lightbox fabric, LED lightbox fabric. All types of lightbox fabrics have beautiful and generous graphics, with 3D effects.

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet
10mm Polycarbonate Sheet


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