Content included in PET plastic sheet brand design

The brand design of PET plastic sheets includes content 1: PET plastic sheets: comply with IPC standards. 2PET plastic sheet: PET plastic sheet that complies with the IPC standard and relevant standards in relevant parts of the IPC standard. These standards are generally developed in accordance with 1994 and industry standards, followed by standard combinations. 3PET plastic sheet: Comply with relevant IPC standards. 4PET plastic sheet: Compliance with relevant IPC standards is basic and relevant, and specific standards are relevant. These standards are only known through internationally satisfactory standards. After the formation of these standards, they have achieved a certain level of supervisory growth ability for the development of the industry. There are many specific standard parameters that need to be improved in relevant standards. This type of sheet material is only known after comparative processing until the product quality meets the relevant unified standards in the United States. There are generally some standard parameters related to standards, and they are all related to the characteristics of some products. We need to pay attention to some issues during production in order to choose a suitable standard manufacturing factory. PE protective film.

Due to the excellent coating material, it not only prolongs the service life of the material, but also has strong time corrosiveness. The coating material is also very good and is increasingly subject to adverse external weather, which affects the material’s lifespan. The displayed temperature has a very limited impact on the adhesion of the finished material, so the overall environment is consistent. PE protective film products from different manufacturers can be compared to environmentally friendly ones.

Excellent chemical resistance Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand various corrosive media and organic solvents within a certain temperature and concentration range.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene board is odorless and odorless, and has no corrosiveness. It has physiological regularity and adaptability.

High tensile strength of 4-14 meters, elongation at break of 5-14%, and good low-temperature resistance.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet (UHMW-PE): Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to harsh, extremely wear-resistant, dust, and various adhesive wear materials.

Customized high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant lining board for power plant conveyor chain track, wear-resistant polyethylene lining board, wear-resistant polyethylene bend, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene guide rail, wear-resistant and compressive.

High strength, wear-resistant, and compressive porcelain factory conveyor, polymer polyethylene wear-resistant lining plate, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate, filter press, polymer polyethylene lining plate, ultra-high molecular weight roll plate.

Polyethylene toothed triangular screw conveyor, accessory for Unilateral Bear tube high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant lining board HDPE toothed clamp triangular screw conveyor.

We can process and produce various specifications and styles of polyethylene guide rail transmission conveyor screws, shaft sleeves, chain plates, slider seats, etc. based on the samples or molds provided by customers. We can transport, install, and scrape 30 protective covers for the mill. Due to the dedicated wear-resistant lining plate, we can support various material transportation occasions in industries such as steel mills, mines, cement, foundries, glass factories, etc. Our products have been sold globally and have received unanimous praise from our customers.

sheets of polycarbonate
sheets of polycarbonate


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