The PVC plastic sheet industry has shown the best sincerity

The PVC plastic sheet industry has shown the best sincerity, and convenient transportation and use are basically two things. Agricultural greenhouse. Vegetable greenhouse. Various sports venues and World Expo greenhouses are not available, so the demand is also high. Without increasing greenhouse benefits.

What is the price of aluminum plastic board? The price of aluminum plastic board is related to the specifications of aluminum board. PVC board and PP tensile strength. PP board thickness: PP tensile strength.

The purpose of aluminum plastic panels: 1. The bottom aluminum used for exterior wall decoration of new buildings is manufactured through complete metallurgy, and is used for the manufacturing of aluminum plastic panels for industrial walls and their installation and fixation structures. Due to different installation conditions and different enterprises, the size of the aluminum plastic panels used is also different, making them widely used. 2. The outdoor advertising light box aluminum plastic board is mainly developed by tinplate and German companies themselves, with a production workshop of 22000 square meters; More than 100 corresponding laser cutting, shearing, folding, punching, spraying and other production lines have been installed, providing high-quality aluminum plastic plates and laser cutting equipment to the market. Customized products: HY-2CA high-speed shearing machine, Meizhuo machine, Japanese Daguang, Yum!, Fenghong, Haihong.

The aluminum plastic plate adopts the process of fluorocarbon coating, which has a variety of colors and can use general PVB or F112 coating colors. The material structure is diverse, and can use general PVDF coating or steel structure requirements. Therefore, the aluminum plastic plate has corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

Let’s first take a look at the cleaning techniques for aluminum plastic panels. Aluminum plastic panels only clean fluorocarbon coatings and do not fade. Regularly clean the fluorocarbon coating, spray the coating, and finally wash it;

The three-step flattening of high tension untwisted hot-rolled aluminum plastic plates has greatly exceeded the range of strength and is favored by the industry. Only by producing quality can a product be perfectly judged for its quality.

Some people don’t care, while others work harder. Usually, the aluminum plastic panel is sprayed with colorful paint on the surface of the aluminum galvanized plate. After the aluminum plastic plate is organically combined with the aluminum plate, it becomes an aluminum tie rod.

The answer is drawn aluminum veneer, and the unfolded aluminum veneer is the unfolded aluminum veneer used to create a curved or curved flat aluminum veneer. The production process of deep drawing aluminum veneer actually involves using CNC equipment to sheet metal the aluminum plate, and then applying a layer of cloth to it.

The answer is the hyperbolic aluminum veneer mentioned here, which is used to make an arc or curved aluminum veneer. This is mainly used in engineering or buildings. The strength of the hyperbolic aluminum veneer mentioned here is twice that of ordinary aluminum veneer, divided into specifications such as 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm according to shape. The hyperbolic aluminum veneer mainly includes 1220 wide, 2mm, 3mm and other sheets.



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