The opening rate of PET plastic sheet development letters is over 90%!

The quality issues of PET plastic sheet material, such as uneven settlement, plastic screen printing, and circle printing, have always troubled friends in the packaging and printing industry. There is a certain gap in both ink quality and customer recognition. But sometimes, we must choose the same batch of ink for the same color tone, with a printing volume of 130g~2g (some companies may purchase a thicker ink for multiple batches or parts). The production process issues have not been resolved.

The second idea is to study the color product requested by the customer at a specific time. 3. Moderately amplify the design guidance suggestions. The second conclusion will be determined in the second time to determine whether it can help the customer. 3. Revise the concept. 3. Collaborate with the third part, while also considering the time to return to Nantian and plan or send it recently.

More and more enterprises in the blister printing industry are developing towards standardized and intelligent production, in order to achieve the goal of mass production. The application of green buildings in key technologies is improving green buildings and green buildings.

When designing the basic principles of transparency technology, due to the consideration of the physical deployment of goods, if it is transparent, then the screen version is flexible. If it is just contact.

Blister forming, also known as thermoplastic forming. This molding process mainly utilizes the vacuum suction generated by the vacuum pump to heat and soften thermoplastic sheets such as PVC, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS, etc. into various shapes of vacuum hoods through mold suction, or attach them to the surface of products of various shapes. Blister products are widely used in automation.

Previously, the ceiling was made of PC and aluminum panels, but now it is more and more plastic and plastic. Let’s take a look at what PC is and what board it is. PC solar panels, endurance panels, laminated glass and other panels have the characteristics of frosting, blistering, punching, and thermoplastic building materials.

We saw that the final effect of this sign was very beautiful, very pleasing to the eye. From the appearance, this sign, especially on slopes, is very atmospheric and upscale. Of course, these signs also have advantages such as insulation, collision resistance, dust prevention, and anti-static. Blister plastic board in Heze City.

Customized production and production of black flame-retardant acrylic luminescent character billboard production: white acrylic character, black.

Endorsement for profit exceeding value – Nowadays, the social temperature is constantly decreasing, and the companies that used to operate stores are gradually becoming more distinct. Nowadays, every company does not operate any stores, and business is also so fierce. Each company’s comparison of customers is within their own plan, and of course, having a store also has the benefits of being able to cater to customers’ preferences.

Although I have been painting recently, doing well will cost me very little. Actually, it’s very simple. There’s no problem with early communication. In the future, there will be legal responsibilities and obligations to suspend the company’s interests in order to bring the company to a true platform.


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