Take you to learn about PVC plastic sheet companies

Let me introduce you to PVC plastic sheet company. PVC plastic sheet is a high-performance polymer engineering plastic sheet.

Impact resistance and corrosion resistance; Good electrical insulation; Low flame retardancy; Poor bending strength; Low surface resistance; Good dimensional stability; Easy to grind.

The effect of anti chemical media; Has a flame retardant effect; Can block the propagation of current sources; Will not cause electrical phenomena; It will not cause electromagnetic interference.

Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance; Excellent heat resistance; Has wear resistance, solvent resistance, and wear resistance; Good chemical corrosion resistance; Not deformed when heated; Low temperature does not embrittle.

Excellent electrical insulation performance; Non toxic and odorless; Good sound-absorbing performance, and the sound-absorbing drop meter should try to prevent damage from mice and insect rodents; Lightweight and easy to install; The price is higher than other waterproof rolls in terms of cost-effectiveness; It also has good environmental performance in terms of acid, alkali, and organic solvent resistance.

● Overhead insulation coating: suitable for waterproofing, cooling, waterproofing, fire prevention, and sound insulation of mechanical and electrical installation engineering and roof dynamic equipment in air conditioning rooms. It is also suitable for waterproofing engineering such as roofs and basements in petroleum, chemical, power, transportation, and steel structure industries.

According to product classification, polyester felt tire must be classified as 1; Polyester tire APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane; Fiberglass tire, poly.

Material measurement range: recognized size (mm) ± 1 base treatment: if necessary, acid pickling tank, cement mortar leveling, blackboard (punching needle), roll material, cold primer.

During storage and transportation, products of different types and specifications should be stacked separately and should not be mixed. Pay attention to ventilation, moisture prevention, sun protection, and rain protection.

Continuous improvement and iteration of waterproof materials – years of experience from Zhongcheng Waterproof of Shandong Waterproof Company. On the basis of our products, let’s work together to create brilliance!

The company has professional after-sales staff who can solve after-sales problems for you in a timely manner, making you feel at ease. Xinyu brand waterproof.

Self adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof roll material is made from synthetic rubber such as SBS, high-quality road asphalt, and tackifier as the base material, polyester film (PET), polyethylene film (PE), aluminum foil or silicon coated isolation film as the upper surface material, and silicon coated isolation film as the anti adhesion layer on the lower surface.


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