How can the PVC plastic sheet industry break through again

The development of any industry is impossible to progress, only progress is a major consideration for career. As a field of plastic chemical equipment industry, where there is a leapfrog development, after a period of development, the significance of enterprises in structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading is not only seen from the current technological development, but also from the current online and online marketing work of more enterprises, which will clarify that the IT industry in networking and integration is truly a common focus of technological creation and development. Only by continuously improving the quality of network work, exploring and exploring can enterprises have faster development.

A safety functional material made by placing special materials, inkjet printing, or printing within the enterprise. By shaping special functional materials, it is possible to ensure excellent functionality while changing traditional information methods, enabling intelligent management to achieve efficient, reliable, and rapid development on the road of network information application.

On the basis of achieving integrated intelligent management, materials with functional functions such as external insulation, decoration, insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention, and water permeability are another specific material for upgrading design functions from the various elements of the A model.

The development trend of defining the application of external insulation in sandwich panels: due to the fact that external insulation is solved through external maintenance of buildings, the exterior facade mode is changed, while internal insulation panels cannot meet the requirements of external insulation. At this time, various external insulation technologies are used to solve external insulation, which is currently a widely used external wall insulation system.

● Materials used for external wall insulation system are defined as organic liquid materials composed of silicone acrylic lotion, special glass powder, inorganic cementitious materials and a variety of additives, as well as polymer and inorganic composite powder mixed by separately prepared polymer metal powder, surfactant, hydroxyl and water-soluble inorganic modifier, solvent, etc. after collection and treatment.

The characteristic is used for external insulation of external walls, which solves the problem of potential fire hazards in external insulation: under the direct action of flames, a series of safe molten vapors are generated, and a layer of hydroxyl groups are soaked on the outer surface of the fly. This layer of hydroxyl groups wraps around polystyrene particles, giving them high thermal resistance and thermal conductivity.

Commonly used fireproof materials: materials used to refer to domestic and foreign radiation protection test standards or test methods: fireproof boards, with high fire resistance. How to find polystyrene foam board.

L-600 is a new type of building waterproofing material made from Portland cement as the base material, supplemented by nanoscale Portland cement as the base material, through pulping, molding, steam curing, and curing. This waterproofing membrane has good performance and has received widespread praise in the construction industry.

L-600 is a new type of lightweight building material made by using Portland cement as the base material, supplemented by nanoscale Portland cement as the base material, and adding selected mineral fibers, plant fibers, and various polymer materials. After melting, plasticizing, and curing, this waterproof roll material is resistant to high temperature, wear, and corrosion.

This product is a protective board made of high-quality large crystalline Portland cement and various special functional materials, which have been subjected to high temperature, grouting, and curing.


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