The most effective way to learn the product knowledge of plastic sheet manufacturers

The most effective way to learn the product knowledge of plastic sheet manufacturers’ “Special Plastics Compatible with Hongyuan Polyester Film” was certified by Shanghai Yuanhua Construction Professional Knowledge in 2017. This certification includes industry titles such as plastic sheet and high-performance plastic sheet, including PE shrinkage, chloroethylene granules, sheets, sheets, and plastic copolymers.

This product has high transparency, excellent printing performance, acid and alkali resistance, high elongation, good wear resistance, good oil and chemical resistance, and excellent heat resistance, which is equivalent to metal.

It is understood that for many years, PVC wall panels have been equally outstanding as top European wall panels, and their applications have become increasingly widespread. According to the technical requirements of product application, it has a history of 60 years in foreign countries. The application volume in China has increased from 210000 tons to 22 tons, with fewer applications abroad, mainly in steel structure factories.

PVC wall panels are made of polyvinyl chloride as raw material, which has good corrosion resistance, anti-static performance, and even good resistance under various temperature and humidity influences.

A. Reduced by 60%; That is to say, under long-term use, the cylinder will not be damaged due to overheating or overcooling, ensuring normal operation; There is no need for further cleaning, and surface treatment can be directly carried out to improve working conditions.

B. Adopting the production process of building wall panels, that is to say, in the production process, the quality of mold production directly determines the overall stability and efficiency of the company’s work.

A. Before installing PVC wall panels, the wall base should be pre installed in advance. Adjust the baseline, wipe off dust, and remove dust from the expansion points and areas of the wall panel.

B. When using block walls, the masonry surface should be flat and the thickness should be controlled within 15mm, and special cover strips should be used to connect after masonry.

When dealing with the problem of vertical seam closure, first apply powder to the joints at positions such as vertical seams, grooves, radius lines, corners, etc., with a length of R=5MM and a length of 6MM.

A. The overlapping length of the inner bottom plate of the wall shall not be less than 200mm, and the length shall not be less than 200mm;

B. The internal corners of the wall should be made into vertical benchmarks, and the internal corners should not be less than 200mm.

The height of the masonry wall should not exceed 15m, and prefabricated steel bars should be laid at the opening and eaves to pass through the pipe, with a distance of more than 250mm.

A. When installing in layers, waterproof coatings can be used, and the design requires a height of no less than 4mm. In addition, the upper and lower single surfaces should be fully covered with waterproof layers.

B. Joint treatment: The waterproof layer should be brushed to the outside of the seam line, and there should be no wrinkles, warps, cracks, or other phenomena.


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