Pay attention to these three key points and three traps when doing ABS plastic sheet foreign trade

PS car interior foam grade material: This material is developed using oxygen and argon gas as the gas and warm colored light band as the semi transparent air material. It is an advanced flexible material with no pores, no residue, and no directional surface forming. Its shockproof and waterproof functions are good, with a power saving rate of up to 70%, making it one of the most advanced new materials to replace traditional fiberglass.

PVC plastic absorbing material has transparency and non-Newtonian fluid property, and its shape and size stability can also be adjusted if the heating time is too long.

● PVC plastic materials have good toughness and can be used as medicine, food and clothing, advertising in tourist attraction, and temporary rest places for epidemic.

● PVC blister material is a kind of flame retardant, good chemical stability, nonflammable, non-toxic, less maintenance, and flexible material.

● Environmental protection and sanitation engineering construction (such as domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, on-site pouring of power plant formwork, tailstock and roadblocks, construction joints, lining of water leakage devices during construction, cable holes, cable filter troughs, tunnels, etc.).

PVC blister materials have bright colors and do not require painting. Even for large-scale and domestically produced blister products, it is recommended to achieve the following effects in one-time design.

PVC blister boards are divided into two types based on density: PP and PVC. Thickness: 2mm-20mm, width: 15m-1m, length: 15m-2m.

Thermoplastic sheets such as PVC, PP, ABS, PA, POM, PPO, PPE, TPET, etc.

Measurement of material properties: For those who specialize in measuring the width and size, the measurement value of the measuring tool should be written, so that the measured quantity is more accurate, the quantity detected for a long time will be relatively more accurate, and the quantity measured for a long time will be more accurate.

● Thickness measurement: For professional thickness measurements, the measurement values of the measuring tools should be in accordance with the national standard GB/T196, and the required measured data and standard numbers should be.

Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet


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