Continuous improvement of the entire industry chain of plastic sheet manufacturers

The entire industry chain of plastic sheet manufacturers continues to improve, integrating new products from multiple fields, providing systematic sheets, and being able to control sheet quality. Excellent cost-effectiveness in all aspects. Excellent cost-effectiveness in all aspects. Functional sheets. Can achieve stability in the quality of the board. Excellent cost-effectiveness in all aspects. Can reduce material energy consumption. High cost-effectiveness in all aspects. Ultra high polymer with comprehensive cost-effectiveness. Excellent resistance to UV light and yellowing. During hydrolysis, it does not affect the performance and stability of the board. Excellent cost-effectiveness in all aspects. With polyester fiber as the base material, the upper and lower covers are used in the building, the base layer is used for the external protective layer, and the upper is the decorative board, which is suitable for prefabricated building. Fully protective material, excellent mechanical performance, comfortable appearance, and excellent cost-effectiveness. The finished roll material is made from polyester fiber as the substrate, covered with polyester fiber mesh cloth on top and bottom, and added with special adhesive. This type of product combines the same strength and extremely high tensile strength, with high tensile strength, good low-temperature flexibility, moisture resistance, and low water absorption. It has good dimensional stability and light weight, and can be widely used in various fields of buildings. Product characteristics: high tensile strength, plant affinity resistance, good low-temperature flexibility, high tensile strength, high elongation, and small thermal size changes. Application fields: home decoration, bathroom renovation, furniture waterproofing, cabinet waterproofing, building decorative surfaces, window waterproofing, decoration, soft decoration, and other fields. Organic glass board in Jiaxing City.

Background Introduction: GRG is pre polymerized for what purpose. You are using gypsum board. In fact, many calcium silicate boards are now made of siliceous materials that are hydraulically treated, and environmentally friendly calcium silicate board quicklime powder is used for decoration of floors, partitions, and ceilings. Calcium silicate insulation material is a type of insulation material containing aluminum and silicate minerals, which not only has good insulation and water retention properties, but also has good fire resistance. Of course, it is not economical and convenient for large-scale construction to use as decoration for interior walls. According to different materials, fire resistance, waterproofing, moisture resistance, sound insulation, and thermal insulation have significantly improved. Widely used for sound insulation, thermal insulation, and other aspects of building interior and exterior walls, applied in airports, stations, walls, ventilation ducts, ceilings, air ducts, and other places.

The composite effect of insulation decorative panels is good, which is used for building insulation, moisture-proof, and other aspects. The insulation performance is good, which is conducive to the continuous development of indoor temperature;

The composite effect of insulation decorative board is good, and it is used for building decoration without occupying indoor space. It is particularly suitable for bridges, subways, and ships.

With superior fire resistance, it is a fire resistant exterior wall insulation scheme developed in recent years in China. It is made from polystyrene resin as raw material, other raw materials and polymers, mixed by heating and injected with catalyst, and then extruded and molded.

Snap the thickness control line and carry out embedded design according to the requirements of building facade design and external wall insulation technology.


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