Characteristics, Barriers, Life Cycle, and Development Trends of PVC Plastic Sheet Industry

XPS – XPS international air dryer A-level equipped with frequency converter high-power ultrasonic fluidized bed accessories.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic resin polymerized from vinyl chloride monomer. It is a hard and transparent hard PVC with excellent wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and heat resistance.

Due to a brief introduction to its properties and forming process, modified polystyrene board is widely used in walls, frame structures, low temperatures, fire insulation, thermal insulation, and waterproof partitions.

The modified polystyrene board external wall insulation system is composed of a bonding layer, modified polystyrene board (EPS) insulation layer, hydrophobic and fireproof layer, plastering layer, and decorative layer. It has the characteristics of long-term reliable insulation performance, good hydrophobic performance, and effective bonding area with the base wall.

The construction process of external insulation can effectively shorten the construction period and reduce costs. Effectively reducing the welding process and the use of air coal, improving the working environment of workers, etc.

Excellent fire performance for AIC integration value, meeting relevant standard requirements, and can be matched with BIC integration data testing data.

Applicable temperature range: 80-1000 high, with a fire resistance limit greater than 15 hours (exceeding 15 hours is a national standard).

The auxiliary materials are refined from high molecular polymer lotion, a variety of environment-friendly additives and scientific formula. The coating is tough, alkali resistant, water resistant, and color retention. It is an ideal coating for protective coatings.

Matching substrate: raw rubber: 035kg/barrel, single side coating: 50kg/barrel.

The coating thickens, increases adhesion, and can be mixed with inorganic fireproof materials, providing reliable technical support for the construction of the best fireproof coating.

Applicable equipment: glazed surface coating, interior and exterior wall latex paint, real stone paint, interior and exterior wall latex paint, wallpaper, gypsum board, aluminum plastic board, marble paint, exterior wall texture coating, decorative fireproof board, cement foam insulation board, etc.

Applicable materials: A: Heqing board, ordinary resin board, fireproof board, ceramic tile, wallpaper, decorative decorative panel, stone, ceramic tile, etc.

Basic treatment (1) Wall cleaning, blowing away loose dust on the wall. (2) Grey leveling (refers to the dust and debris on concrete walls at room temperature.

The injection molding (fusion with organic glass) and other characteristics of transparent (A) PMMA are the characteristics of organic glass acrylic panels. You can choose and order acrylic products based on the suggestions of the editor.

acrylic product
acrylic products


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