How can the ABS plastic sheet industry usher in a new era from research and development to design?

How can the ABS plastic sheet industry usher in a new era from research and development to design? With the development of science and technology, people’s demand and understanding for ABS products continue to increase, and ABS plastic sheets are also increasingly popular. In fields such as civil and commercial ABS, food packaging, packaging, and replacing PVC, ABS plastic sheets have always been in the era of formaldehyde free.

Secondly, the size and shape of ABS plastic sheets remain stable and stable before hot forming. Because it has a wide range of applications and the effect of reducing cooling water temperature.

The heating temperature of ABS plastic sheets is too high, which also leads to heating and overheating. In addition, ABS plastic sheets also have a certain hot forming temperature.

Firstly, the temperature for heating ABS plastic sheets is generally 80 ° C, but when heating below 200 ° C, the speed of the heating gun base and heater should be reduced.

When heating, appropriate heating elements should be selected based on the size of the heater. The heating time has increased by 10 minutes compared to the previous evening.

When heating, the A-type heating should be used, but when the speed rises to 170 ° C or above, the heater should be appropriately removed, and the heating time is proportional to the heating time.

The heating time is perpendicular to the heating temperature. When the heating speed is controlled at a slow speed, the mold will undergo melting treatment.

Uneven cooling of ABS plastic sheets. Solution: The mold temperature should be appropriately raised to slightly lower than the curing temperature of the board, but the mold temperature should not be too high.

● Machine: Pair fixed cone 60L; Pair – fixed cone 20T. Solution: Increase heating and cooling, but the cooling speed should be appropriately reduced.

● After the crystalline plastic sheet is bonded with the foam plastic, the foam sheet is heated, the inner and outer plates of the mold and the surface of the mold are cooled, and the foam sheet is produced according to the following process methods.

The cooling time can be determined based on the shape of the sheet, and the use of cooling speed can greatly reduce production time and improve production efficiency< eod>。


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