How can PET plastic sheet companies maintain strong growth momentum?

Aijia Plastic Machine, a solution provider for PET plastic sheet production line, is a professional R&D and production equipment for crushing and recycling PET plastic sheets and products. This equipment is equipped with 121 forming sections and can provide various PET plastic sheet production lines with high difficulty thickness requirements according to customer needs.

The PET plastic sheet production line provides users with on-site maintenance of production equipment for high-quality plastic sheet products, thereby ensuring the daily production and life quality of users, with complete quality assurance and good reputation.

The after-sales team provides 724 hours of online service, quickly understanding customer needs, and providing a fast, worry free, time-saving, and labor-saving after-sales experience.

The PET plastic sheet production line provides PET plastic sheet production line services and on-site maintenance of PET plastic sheet equipment.

PET plastic sheet equipment is a sheet production equipment dynamically used in the plastic machinery industry. There are some special raw materials used in the plastic machinery industry, such as transparent PET, PMMA, PVC, PP, PETG and other PET resins.

The PET plastic sheet equipment market is very miserable, with fierce competition in equipment, development, and market. For this reason, the company has developed a new type of laminating machine, which has created fierce technological research and development capabilities in the international brand competition, and provided a large number of high-quality PET for domestic customers.

Technical characteristics of PET sheet production line PET sheet equipment: advanced suppression and Schneider ester homogenization heat machine in China, and widely used in cable wall/buried pipe/cable, floor/non corrosive equipment in China.

Performance of PET sheet equipment: PET plastic sheet equipment mainly uses PET plastic as the main raw material, with PET plastic as the main raw material.

● PET plastic sheet production line electric wire ball PVC plastic sheet production line screen switch mother separator voltage regulator motor chassis insulation plate disk vacuum forming fan fan impeller and motor impeller, fan blade, burner door, knife handle, crankshaft connecting rod equipment.

The touch screen instrument of the PET plastic sheet production line has ultraviolet light, and has lens and ultraviolet light functions to protect the eyes, skin, and eyes from ultraviolet damage. 2. It has a temperature distribution box design for effective operation and maintenance. 3. It has built-in heating, vibration, and overheating functions and can be turned off on its own.

Regularly insert and clean debris at the outlet of the fan into the equipment (silo, silo) to reduce steam content and strengthen local atmospheric emissions.

After installation, all main doors, poles, and the lower part of partition walls are wrapped and welded with belts to avoid the waterproof performance caused by material bonding on the width.

Start the host with sound insulation, insulation, and shielding to reduce equipment weight and effectively ensure the insulation effect of materials;

Widely used equipment to improve efficiency, reduce weight based pressure distribution and reduce bonding force, and improve labor efficiency;

Our company can provide users with specialized waterproof construction materials for various production lines, and conduct full page design on the product site, producing sulfuric acid tanks and analysis processing facilities, providing quality assurance for the laying of users’ products.


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