Take you to learn about ABS plastic sheet dealers

PVC plastic sheet, PET plastic sheet, PVC plastic sheet: It is a new type of plastic product with international advanced level.

Do you understand the specific explanations and usage methods of Dongguan vacuum molding machine regarding information? Dongguan vacuum molding machine is manufactured by.

The plastic sheet material machine is a machine that sets the thickness of plastic sheets according to the temperature of the hot forming machine and heats them to around 70 degrees Celsius to prevent the movement of the softening temperature. On the other hand, it can be released.

Principle of vacuum molding machine: Vacuum molding, also known as thermoplastic molding, mainly uses the vacuum suction generated by a vacuum pump to heat and soften PVC and PETG.

PP sheet, also known as manually applied PVC sheet, is a plastic product produced using polyester (polyvinyl chloride) as the main raw material. Due to its strong waterproof, moisture-proof, and deformation resistant properties.

Have you been distracted and unable to sleep by the noise from your neighbors upstairs? The editor has learned from the discourse of the market in Hebei Province, and everyone knows it. There are many types of PP sheets on the market now, and different types of PP sheets have different uses.

I believe every friend has noticed that the use of plastic pipes is becoming increasingly widespread. So how should we master plastic pipes? Today, Jianneng Insulation Editor will take everyone to learn in advance.

Small caliber PP pipe is a new type of pipe with smooth inner and outer walls. In order to reduce and propagate the service life of cables, it is recommended to pay attention to the following precautions during daily use in the following situations.

The impact, wear, and corrosion of materials during material transportation, especially for 1-2 mm materials, should ensure that the materials evenly enter the pipe.

The external protection of the pipes should be wrapped with plastic, and they should be installed in the same color or information. There are special measures to extend the service life of the pipes: the device pipes should be wrapped with a single head internal thread sleeve, and the device pipes should be securely wrapped with the pipes.

● Correct storage and transportation of materials. There should be bolts in front and behind pipes and valves to place polypropylene pipes and fittings in parallel; At both ends of pipelines and valves, polypropylene raw materials should be added to make fixtures or sealing rings.

Do not place materials from the device around the equipment to prevent moisture and scaling. 2. Pull out rivets should be used, and the double hole rivet cap should be selected as a rivet located directly below the hole and close to three millimeters from the opening.

The length of the inner lining pipe and the length of the inner lining should be consistent with the diameter of the inner lining socket pipe. On the walls of lined socket pipes and vessels, lined steel pipes with the same outer diameter should be used.

Uneven cooling of PP plastic sheets. Solution: The mold temperature should be appropriately raised to slightly lower than the curing temperature of the board, but the mold temperature should not be too high.

PP flame-retardant sheet – halogen-free flame-retardant PP material, flame retardant performance is not enough, what is the problem?


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