Big promotions raise implicit anxiety in the PET plastic sheet industry

The hidden anxiety in the PET plastic sheet industry has been raised by major promotions. PET sheets are widely used in the packaging machinery industry, such as packaging films, high-strength, high gloss films, photosensitive films, etc. Packaging sealing can also be said to be a common type of packaging, such as packaging bags, high gloss films, photosensitive films, etc. These types of packaging requirements are fully prepared by each department to play the role of roof cooling and heat absorption. Due to the hot summer, using asphalt production furnaces and ovens to meet the above conditions, the northern region is now facing a season with relatively low rainfall. So how do we understand PET plastic sheet manufacturers? PET plastic sheets can stably ensure high temperature and low heat. In fact, whether it’s machine baking or PET plastic sheets, they need to be pasted on trays that are suitable for the temperature,

Both water ripple plates and U-shaped water ripple plates are made of acrylic. Due to the unique characteristics of acrylic materials, how are water ripple plates made now? Firstly, the specifications of ordinary acrylic boards can be expanded to any size from 330MM to 550MM,

The size specification of acrylic board is generally 1220MM, but for a 1-meter acrylic board, it is 807MM, approaching 60MM at the end of the year. Size: 1220MM, but the 1 meter acrylic board is mainly used for the approximate size of the extrusion machine acrylic extrusion production, and in addition, the mold needs to be adjusted.

Attention during the processing of acrylic panels: 1. Cut the bottom plate and leave the factory. After the mold is processed, the bottom plate is peeled off from the side. The acrylic panel bottom plate undergoes a 180 ° angle wrinkle and needs to be fumigated 15 times for hot pressing/hot pressing to be sufficient. Before polishing and watering the bottom plate, check the bottom plate, watering the bottom plate, welding the surface layer, (without backing layer) protecting the bottom plate, and then repaint the bottom plate for inspection. 3. Surface grinding, diagonal holes, workpiece back welding and extrusion production. 4. Acrylic panels and products produced by prefabrication are collectively referred to as transparent acrylic panels, which are made of transparent liquid crystal acrylic.

Grinding: After production is completed, the acrylic surface is sanded, and the soft layer of the acrylic surface is polished and sheared to produce a product using acrylic as the raw material. 6. Bottom plate: The acrylic plates are welded together and made into acrylic plates through high-temperature sintering.

Acrylic bending: Acrylic is a tool used to make acrylic display frames. This utility model is suitable for machine positioning of different parts or products or machine positioning of composite support frames. Therefore, the appearance of acrylic bent with integrated design heavy equipment cannot achieve a mirror effect. Therefore, high-quality materials are used, which has a certain thickness and rigidity. There is a spectrometer CNC punch, and then an acrylic CNC engraving machine is used for carving.

acrylic products
acrylic products


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