Classification and Introduction of ABS Plastic Sheet Containers

Regarding the classification of ABS plastic sheet containers and the introduction of ABS plastic sheet related content, can you introduce the water absorption and resistance of ABS plastic sheet to ABS board? What is the difference between PVC board and PE board? The characteristics of plastic anti-static board are introduced in detail. The color mixing and ratio of ABS plastic board are introduced. The naming of ABS plastic board is explained, and the production process of ABS plastic sheet is introduced. The product introduction of ABS plastic sheet is also introduced.

Product Introduction: It is a high-density, polymer resin that has been processed and cooled into a uniform shape [see details].

Using high-density polyethylene as the raw material, adding a certain proportion of color masterbatch, extruding the board through plasticization, and finally entering the modified particle additive, the large tray is formed after a few minutes [see details].

The products produced by plastic sheet machines have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, making them a relatively hot forming packaging tool. Plastic sheets are used to heat the sheets to a certain temperature [see details].

When customers choose to purchase PP sheet machines, the yellower the gloss, the harder the product produced by the PP sheet machine is a relatively hot forming packaging tool. Plastic sheets are touch screens that are processed with the softened materials themselves [see details].

Thermoformed packaging containers can be roughly divided into two categories: shrink packaging and formed packaging. At present, it has been widely used in China, mainly including additive packaging and some [see details].

This machine is mainly used to heat the board until it has softened, then perform longitudinal softening, and add a section of air in the longitudinal section to make the matured board shrink and melt. At the same time, pay attention to [see details].

Quick adjustment: The mobile vacuum molding machine workbench consists of three parts: motor, reducer, gearbox, and frame. The motor is driven by a reducer and a reducer wheel [see details].

The Membrane switch is a socket mechanism designed according to the control position and usage habits. The socket compartment of this product is assembled using high-grade polyester oil or PVB adhesive [see details].

Polyester fiber composite rolls are mainly used for roof and ground decoration in industrial and civil buildings. Suitable for light steel structure roofs and light body structure roofs. In Japan and South Korea, there are PET polyester reflections [see details].

ABS Sheet


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