About Canada’s Layout of PET Plastic Sheet Industry Chain

Regarding Canada’s introduction to the layout of the PET plastic sheet industry chain, our Inner Mongolia UPE plastic sheet machine manufacturer has provided you with good suggestions.

Plastic sheet machine: Folding the sheet head excessively to form a grid passing process and grid passing process; The plastic sheet machine is a plastic coil machine developed by our factory’s technology, mainly divided into various methods such as debonding, bundling, adhesion, sealing, etc., mainly used in construction and packaging containers. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed, good performance, and accurate manufacturing dimensions.

As long as an enterprise continuously adheres to product quality, it can optimize product quality and continuously move towards the forefront. It can be said that “paper is used together”, and the differences between “plastic” and “sheet” and “paper” – “paper” are as follows.

The yield caused by screw and barrel damage is affected to a certain extent. These factors not only reflect the product qualification rate, but also have a certain impact on material recycling and utilization in terms of price.

Uneven cooling of PP plastic sheets. Solution: The mold temperature should be appropriately raised to slightly lower than the curing temperature of the board, but the mold temperature should not be too high.

PP flame-retardant sheet – halogen-free flame-retardant PP material, flame retardant performance is not enough, what is the problem?

Also known as opening sealant, used for individual film sealing, applied to the opened film, paying attention to whether the pressure around the film can decay to ensure sealing.

Solution: Nail the side of the film (which can be used as a container for feeding) with non flame retardant board, unseal the product with the bubble film, immediately blow away the static electricity, and use pressure sensitive adhesive or thermosensitive adhesive to remove air. Pay attention to prevent damage during construction.

The Membrane switch needs to be used effectively for a long time, and its toughness, strength, durability and waterproof are very important, which is also the reason why it is competent. The feature of Membrane switch is that the flexible circuit board needs good design. Today, let’s introduce the advantages of Membrane switch: 1. Membrane.

With the advancement of technology, many people now know that it is a reliable material. In recent years, more and more materials have been made into cabinets, wardrobes, coffee tables, furniture, and so on. For painting current furniture, it is easy to choose paint when choosing furniture. As we all know, its advantage is durability, but there are also some things to pay attention to. Let’s take a look together with Bian Xiao! 1 The paint type coating is an environmentally friendly coating, which has sealing and sealing properties, can easily absorb and release heat, make the surface of wood smooth, and avoid thermal expansion, cracking, mildew and falling off. 1. Paint type coating.

Compared with common solid wood boards, the performance of the “Muyicheng” multi layer board is more stable. It is an indoor wooden furniture composed of multiple layers of solid wood veneer, which is a common integrated board processed from mechanically synthesized glue (rich in harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOC) using solid wood veneer.

HDPE Sheet


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