Stable off-season, pay attention to new products and channel changes from plastic sheet manufacturers

The off-season is stable, focusing on the new products and channel changes of plastic sheet manufacturers, and improving the use of characteristic products for “online/offline” commercial equipment.

I don’t know if you were asked about “how to install a plastic board”. Initially, the term “plastic board” was “a cross-section of a plastic board”. If you want to make a plastic board that is “wide, narrow, square, trapezoidal, or” shaped “, and use polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene powder, filler, and fiber as raw materials, it can be roughly divided into transparent bricks, stalagmites, etc. according to the texture, and different welding methods.

Recently, Ma’anshan City Park Fence Production Service Office Building Hotel Soft Decoration Design Enterprise (Yellow River Park) Commercial Complex Hewan South Campus Exhibition and Trade Installation Service.

The project site selection is communicated with investors and purchasers, and the specific construction period, planning, preparation, civil engineering, and information have been modified based on the “Municipal Planning and Design Standard Work Standards” provided by the construction unit.

Processing materials for the project according to design requirements (engineering quality, technical quality, design, materials, and inspection reports, etc.); Provide on-site engineering supervision, on-site safety supervision, technical leaders of construction enterprises, engineering procurement leaders, procurement leaders of purchasers, procurement leaders of manufacturers, procurement leaders of installation units, etc.

The Liangshi Runshi Guiding Stone Process is a building decoration material made from product control surface layer and polystyrene board or polymer EPS board. According to the provided technical requirements, mix the alumina ceramic surface layer and adhesive evenly in a ratio of 1:4 to make the adhesive. For tiles, marble, and decorative panels of different thicknesses. Emit time and initial light sources for different light sources.

When the product enters the site, it is required to verify the variety according to regulations. Each variety is different (Figure 2), and the same variety, specification, and quantity are determined according to the contract and variety.

In order to ensure that ceramic tiles (insert blocks) are laid on tiles, glazed surfaces, and ceramic tiles, thereby ensuring the adhesive strength of the tiles and preventing hollowing and hollowing of cement and tiles.

The foreman arranged for them to apply glue, which is incorrect because during processing, dry glue and adhesive systems are used, and the adhesive is inorganic, so it cannot be stopped.

The number of decorative bricks chosen is very high, mainly used for pipe wrapping. Generally, there are 08-12 types of small bricks and 08-16 types of large bricks

The big bricks mentioned here should be selected according to your home decoration needs and purchased according to your budget. If you have any questions, you can call and communicate at any time!

Small and large bricks should be placed in different places. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the new and old local areas, as this can easily lead to cracking. However, attention should also be paid to waterproofing.

Generally speaking, you can choose ceramic tiles for caulking, such as the wall edges of pipelines and deformation joints. You can choose lightweight dry adhesive. This type of ceramic tile has large gaps and widths, and has a high degree of adhesion. Therefore, it can be used in conjunction with lightweight plastering to avoid the problem of coating adhesive.

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