How to handle the problem of overweight containers with PET plastic sheets?

How to handle the problem of overweight containers with PET plastic sheets? Pay attention to the testing of physical properties such as polyester and PC fibers, PC film and PET film high-temperature electrostatic adsorption, PET film and sheet hot pressing, compression, stretching, peeling, etc. for 8 months of gold and silver.

Performance testing of PET, PC, and other materials that generally do not contain fillers, ranging from hours to 29 hours to 48 hours to 10 hours to 2 hours (-72 hours) at variable speeds.

We have completed the sheet ourselves. Do we remember the problem, which is the sheet material; In fact, the development of sheet materials in China is just a simple matter of putting one’s own sheets or sheets into a dryer for drying.

The sheet material is divided into thick sheets (60-100mm, around 08mm) with a thickness of 60-100mm, a maximum width of 01m, and a thickness greater than 120mm.

Based on your size, we usually cut a whole piece of board to a suitable size on your cutting machine.

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Solemnly promise: The brand new acrylic box is fully guaranteed by our company (patiently decorating the warehouse, beautiful and labor-saving).

If you are interested in acrylic, please contact us at 18267256930. Xijia Decoration Materials is a company that sells acrylic (PMMA), acrylic (PMMA), PS board, PC board, and other products with a wide business scope and fast production and sales speed. Acrylic exhibition stand.

Acrylic hot bending products mainly include: after heating and softening the organic glass, using vacuum devices to adsorb gas, and improving the grade of organic glass products.

Acrylic hot bending processing products mainly include: after heating and softening the organic glass through hot bending, suspension polymerized polystyrene board particles of acrylic are selected for details.

Shenzhen Acrylic Products Factory is satisfactory in many aspects. Moreover, the delivery time is also very short, almost ensuring both inventory and delivery time. Customized and delivered products, on-site installation and debugging in place, with a delivery time of one month.

The company’s customized products have sold well in multiple provinces and cities in China, as well as in multiple countries at home and abroad, and have been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries, receiving high praise from customers. Our company sincerely welcomes the arrival of every customer.

Guangzhou Acrylic Products Factory, established in 2005, is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales, and construction services of integrated products such as acrylic and organic glass products processing, acrylic display racks, organic glass customized processing, organic glass luminescent tubes, organic glass spray painting, acrylic tubes, etc.

Our company’s goal is to provide comprehensive acrylic display props and photo album model display solutions in a timely manner based on customer requirements, comprehensive strength, comprehensive design, scientific production, and communication with customers.

Double color sheet
Double color sheet


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