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I will introduce you to other relevant descriptions of PVC plastic sheet factories, as well as the introduction of PVC plastic sheet equipment manufacturers. The extruder column and baffle plate are integrated power equipment that drives the high-speed extrusion of sheets under the motor drive. This equipment is particularly suitable for producing high foaming PVC plastic sheets.

Cut off some PE sheets and load them into the vacuum chamber to absorb impurities. Open the secondary cyclone separator to ensure that the vacuum is fully automatic.

When the clearance is outdated, the track can be cleaned, but the cleaning and recycling unit does not clean. Our company has an acid and alkali resistant blue plate system for the oil return test bench, which is electrically controlled by the PE sheet material system.

The entire machine has been adhering to the latest independently developed sheet production line for many years, strictly controlling each needle feeding process, and achieving fully automatic rapid sheet production.

The company’s main products include the production and sales of various plastic products such as PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC, PET, PMMA, PC, HIPS, POM, ABS, PA, PC, PE, PMMA, as well as high-end plastic protective masks, optical films, and thermoplastic supporting products; I have been employed for many years and have participated in multiple occupational leukemia investigations, prevention, and after-sales issues, earning high praise from our customers.

Technology wood energy saving board (technology wood)/Technology wood sound-absorbing board/Product materials mainly include light film and polymer film, and the fabric includes CCACHP adsorption film and environmental protection film.

In terms of new technological wood materials (technologies), it has been decided through research to adopt high-quality wood and smooth board technologies both domestically and internationally, especially spare parts as auxiliary production.

Regarding material surface treatment process 1, pre-treatment and spraying, in order to ensure that scientific results are achieved under clean, dry, and well ventilated conditions, proper maintenance should be carried out.

Secondly, choose decorative panels with certain decorative purposes or color requirements, especially wooden decorative panels with prominent shapes. At present, there is a high demand for wooden veneer technology in China, and it is necessary to use decorative materials with certain decorative purposes or artistic ideas to avoid excessive decoration.

Secondly, in order to achieve a better effect of natural wood decoration, it is necessary to produce it through film covering technology or specialized wooden boards. The lamination process requires front edge treatment.

Wood veneer also has properties such as texture, color, material, mold resistance, and reinforcement for testing. The detection method is to check the paint quality on the surface of the wood veneer, but the quality of the wood veneer cannot meet the texture and inherent defects exhibited by the wood veneer and paint. The detection method is to check the moisture content of other wood peels, and some wood peels cannot have a moisture content greater than 6%.

Wood veneer should be dried before use. The surface of the wood veneer should be dry and the moisture content of the veneer should be maintained. After applying glue, apply a layer of glue to the surface of the wood veneer to avoid delamination. Choosing furniture with cowhide film/veneer and maintaining a uniform moisture content is a way to determine the quality of furniture. If the room has furniture and there is less glue applied, the pollution rate will be higher. Inspection method: Use a good wiping cup and gently wipe the surface of the board with absorbent cotton or other objects to avoid difficult to remove marks. Pay attention to keeping the board clean to prevent sand stains from contaminating the board.

Plastic sheet factory
Plastic sheet factory


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