Full order of ABS plastic sheets

ABS plastic sheet orders are full of 25000 tons, and the principle of flower like 2878 is that merchants bring more durable styles to consider the quality of the samples.

ABS blister product performance ABS impact resistance, environmental protection, heat resistance, transparent application, not only has a smooth surface effect, but also has high toughness, anti-static transparency, and is easy to process and shape.

Compared with ordinary ABS blister shells, the ABS blister shell does not undergo any deformation chemical changes in the gaseous state of the board, nor does it deform due to the thermal conductivity of dust.

The application range of ABS blister shells is becoming increasingly diverse in various fields, so there are more and more types of ABS blister shells. Below is a brief list of several commonly used ABS blister shells.

PP flame-retardant sheets not only prevent ignition, but also have higher melting point and better luster, and outstanding electrical properties, especially in some high-precision electronic devices.

As people’s requirements for car interiors become increasingly high, there are also high requirements for the performance of car interior components, such as the use of vacuum molded foam shells.

PVC blisters are similar to PVC, ABS, and PC materials, and their lifespan is generally around 6 years. It is not affected by steam and can be used normally in high-temperature environments. The ABS blister shell has good heat and cold resistance, which can reach -40 to.

PVC and PC materials both have functions such as waterproofing, durability, toughness, insulation, and moisture absorption by steam turbines. ABS, PC material list.

Thick plate blister tray is a plastic that uses a blister process to make plastic hard sheets into specific grooves, placing the product inside the grooves to protect and beautify the product.

The entire system of thick plate suction plastic trays is designed for reciprocating and cyclic use, with each processing part molded by plastic injection molding; Plastic sheet thick plate blister production line.

ABS blister shell is a plastic sheet made from ABS as the main raw material, which is kneaded and pressed by a cold press. It is a vacuum blister mold.

The vacuum molding process used relies on a temperature regulating instrument on the vacuum pump, which allows the vacuum molded parts to absorb external temperature, as the plastic sheet material is produced during the production process.

Double color sheet
Double color sheet


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