The labor cost of PET plastic sheet material has sharply increased!

Why do you say you want to break through the high-voltage device? When purchasing geogrids, we need to purchase 350 heat-resistant synthetic polymers with the required polymerization degree for conventional exploration of PE/PET materials. In the past, the weld density was only 230, but its impact strength was only 80. So when purchasing geogrids with 2-3 kilograms, we need to purchase 450 heat-resistant synthetic polymers with conventional stress resistance, which have a fatigue life of over 2000 years.

Rolled microcrystalline sheet is a new type of high-tech industrial protective material and building decoration material that is formed by melting, rolling forming, crystallization, and annealing various slag as the main raw material, and has high strength, corrosion resistance. Its wear resistance is 7-8 times higher than manganese steel, 15-20 times higher than cast iron, and its corrosion resistance is 10-25 times higher than stainless steel and rubber. It can replace a large number of cast stones, cast iron, high molecular density boards, acid resistant boards, granite, marble, etc. It is widely used in coal, steel, power, chemical, non-ferrous metallurgy and other industries in material warehouses, funnels, chutes, scraper machines, surface treatment and other parts. At the same time, as a building decoration material, it is a green and environmentally friendly building material with its smoothness, beauty, no color difference, no weathering, and no radiation pollution.

It can be used for coal unloading ditches, coal hoppers, furnace front warehouses, dry coal grates, dump trucks, slag extractors, water treatment, etc. in the power generation industry.

Can be used in coal industry silos, hoppers, pipelines, high-pressure washing, blast furnace mixing drums, and other parts.

The product is suitable for silos, funnels, chutes, scraper machines, and other parts of industries such as steel, coal, coking, coal washing plants, power plants, cement plants, lime, cement factories, non-ferrous metallurgical prices, and coal chemical industry.

The rubber lining plate of a ball mill, as a wear-resistant component for protecting various materials, has irreplaceable advantages. Before selecting wear-resistant parts, it is necessary to choose wear-resistant parts, which should be understood as follows.

There are many types of end cover liners for ball mills, including ordinary carbon structural steel, alloy and high-strength steel structures, alloy and wear-resistant alloy cast iron composite liners, and alloy liners.

There are rubber liners for color ball mills, as well as other combination rubber liners. Generally speaking, the length of low ball velocity and low ball velocity for high mix materials is two.

The aging resistance of rubber is good, and we don’t need to do some daily tasks. Once we find that the rubber lining is rusty, we need to directly replace it, perhaps replace the rubber.

plastic panels for sale
plastic panels for sale


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