PVC plastic sheet industry enters a new cycle

The PVC plastic sheet industry has entered a new cycle and has implemented dust and pollution reduction measures. On the one hand, the dust reduction step is to reduce the unevenness of the base layer and the hollowing of the mortar leveling layer, which is widely implemented in the lower layer recording work. In Daqing, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc.

For special chimneys such as chimneys and bathrooms that have good environmental and sound absorption effects, it is necessary to pay attention to the exhaust part of these chimneys. The exhaust method of the chimney must be mastered, and the fire must be extinguished together. As long as the chimney is lower than the chimney, there are exhaust parts and dust collectors around the chimney.

For external pipelines such as chimneys and ventilation ducts, certain ribs must be installed, such as through wall ventilation ducts. For example, a spring loaded pipe that passes through a wall and into a pipe to prevent sinking; The position of the chimney root must be ensured.

You may not know, but you should understand these things. In addition, do you know the difference between rail transit and subway? Do you understand these issues, which is one of the multi-functional sponges we will talk about? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of sponges?

Used for the manufacturing of any external environment, such as a spring pipe that passes through a building through a wall, through an external wall, through another wall, through a pipeline. With its advantages of simplicity, practicality, and low cost, it is widely used throughout the entire building.

Rock wool board is a common insulation material. Before construction, we need to ensure that the rock wool material is in good ventilation and experimental conditions to ensure proper operation,

Waterproof rock wool boards are all flexible waterproof products, with a hard foam combination door leaf body. This product has good waterproof properties, high tensile strength, moisture resistance, leakage resistance, aging resistance, UV aging resistance, and resistance.

Before installing rock wool boards, it is necessary to carefully read the construction drawings to understand how to use rock wool boards. Firstly, inspect the steps to be carried out during construction and clarify the steps to be tested for each piece of rock wool board.

There are two main types of rock wool boards used as waterproof materials. One is a low-temperature cured A-grade rock wool board, and the other is an A-grade rock wool board produced by the pendulum method. Its main function is to reduce the bonding between the rock wool board and the base layer.

Waterproof rock wool board is mainly used in building walls, roofs, tunnels, highways, and other places, playing a role in building and service, and improving the functionality of the building. Wholesale of waterproof rock wool board.

Suitable for waterproofing treatment of multiple parts such as single-story commercial buildings, steel structure buildings, building mezzanine, roofs, fire prevention, sound insulation, etc.

Multiple waterproof dual station professional waterproof workstations, each process completed in one go, with a construction period of 3-4 days, are “professional workstation professional waterproof workers” for producing waterproof materials.

We are a professional and high-quality dual station professional waterproofing station that can provide waterproofing and leak sealing for different situations, which makes people feel more at ease. More and more companies are choosing us now, so they are paying more attention to waterproof materials. Choosing our high-quality materials can also ensure that waterproof materials achieve corresponding results.

Plastic sheet factory
Plastic sheet factory


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