PET plastic sheet talent recruitment should have attractive points

PET plastic sheet talent recruitment should have attractive points: In terms of plastic sheets, there are disadvantages: some plastic sheets are scarce according to the net industry in terms of cost, and there are also many differences in price. The materials are often cheap, but the equipment is done very carefully in terms of homework or technology. Therefore, we need to understand the quality issues of PET plastic sheet machines. Firstly, the conditions during drying and the impact of environmental temperature, as well as the impact of the drying process on the condition of the machine barrel with high temperature and relative humidity, have quality labeling content. The second step is drying, which involves drying and shaping the materials. When the drying temperature is low and the material is dry, it is necessary to dry it. There are many types of materials that need to be dried well, and then wait for the moisture of the dry material to evaporate. This way, the drying efficiency will be higher. Next is the thermal hardening of the material. If the degree of thermal hardening is not good enough, two material positions can be marked on the barrel, so that the thermoplastic product can achieve the required quality. Secondly, the drying of materials is crucial. Fortunately, for materials with high humidity that need to dry quickly, they are usually heated first and then cooled, followed by the hot pressing temperature. Let’s take a look at the dry hot pressing temperature of the material. Generally speaking, this temperature is mostly between 40 ° C and 60 ° C. How much hot pressing do you have now? Because the temperature difference between hot pressing and material requirements is very high, the cold pressing temperature will decrease. Afterwards, you can either continue the hot pressing temperature to achieve the required quality. Even if the temperature is too low, the time is too short and not very mature, so when the hot pressing temperature comes, some preparation work needs to be done in advance. This temperature requires more colorful and diverse processing, which is generally more convenient under normal conditions. The change in hot pressing temperature also has a certain impact on the processing performance of the product. If the temperature is too low, it may make it difficult to make mold treatment for the hot pressing of the product, and even make the appearance of the plate too thick. Therefore, when the hot pressing temperature is high, only a small amount of heating can be added to meet the requirements. In addition, if the hot pressing time is too long, it may lead to insufficient heating, which may lead to deformation of the plate during heat treatment when the temperature is basically reduced. If the temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, the hot pressing temperature directly affects the product quality, so that there will be no appearance quality issues with the temperature. Everyone should pay attention to the hot pressing temperature, which controls the quality and performance of the product in two positions: hot pressing time control and control. The electric steam outlet area of the movable pressure plate is a high level double auxiliary machine, with pure silicate as the main heating medium for electric heating. The hot pressing kettle has a low stroke and high material utilization rate. Good physical properties: It is formed by piston hot rib, and the molecular structure is reasonable. Plate thickness: 4mm, plate length: 50m, 75m, 100m, 120m, 150m.

In terms of materials, RPC veneer adopts pure silicate with a thickness of 04mm, and 2mm is the commonly used A-grade board thickness specification.

acrylic capped abs sheet
acrylic capped abs sheet


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