Germany’s Adjustment of PVC Plastic Sheet Industry Chain

Germany’s prediction and implementation of the adjustment of the PVC plastic sheet industry chain are based on research, analysis, graphs, and strategies related to the survival of things. Based on this, detailed requirements for the optimization of the industry chain and process standards are met, meeting the development needs of enterprises for PVC plastic sheet materials, including the technical and knowledge aspects involved, as well as the requirements for the optimization of the PVC plastic sheet industry chain. Countermeasures: Based on the principles of increasing energy consumption, raising money, avoiding risks, and ensuring safety, relying on the industry’s own development factors, we will optimize and adjust the overall industrial chain of PVC plastic sheet enterprises, and do a good job in the business entrusted to us by enterprises. This will help promote the development of enterprises and leverage the products.

2: Dongfang Yuhong series demonstration products, one of the special plastic sheet industry manufacturers guided by comprehensive performance innovation, have been adopted by world companies.

3: Relying on advanced production technology and experience accumulated in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and other countries around the world, the group was established in 2005 with an annual output of 20 million pieces and products exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Especially since the late 1990s, due to the influence of international recognition and domestic regulations, important polymer sheets based on organic polymer materials have begun to rapidly develop.

Building waterproofing is an important project in building construction, involving engineering fields including roof and underground engineering. Urban railway, highway tunnel, railway tunnel, subway tunnel, subway and other traffic engineering, as well as underground physical properties of buildings and other fields include underground engineering. Building waterproofing includes walls, roofs, and underground.

The three-dimensional and colorful coil material has excellent construction performance. Convenient construction, low cost, safe and reliable. Adopting polyester composite film and polyethylene film plastic coating forming technology, film, aluminum, etc.

The three-dimensional and colorful coil material adopts a special formula, with tighter overlap, solving the problem of water leakage. It is easy to loosen at high temperatures and has better sealing performance;

The design of the True Glacier adopts a stone plastic/stone wood floor type installation and local installation, effectively preventing ice and fire cover indoors, avoiding burns and hot water immersion, and preventing large-scale floor burns.

● Testing machine: Test speed 2000kW, 50 tons/min adjustable amplitude 26m testing machine, standard self inspection and self-control QC project test results.

● Capable of temperature control and cooling from 900c to 200145kg/120 using technology, intelligent temperature protection device, manual temperature detection and control, moisture resistance and burn resistance value: 001mg/m3, fully automatic moisture pressure detection – balance detection – ≤ 001mg/m3 testing machine.

Surface treatment 10mm (electronic unit) (printed board, crystal board, etc.) (plywood, laminated veneer, plywood) (structurally complex) process inspection.

XPS-CL reactive bonding polymer wet paving waterproof membrane is based on strong cross compression concrete membrane, which ensures product performance while greatly improving product bonding performance, and can meet the high requirements of different construction environments. Stable performance, wet laid coil products can be directly laid without the need for hot melting or empty laying.

acrylic sheet cut to size
acrylic sheet cut to size


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