The PVC plastic sheet industry has huge market space

The PVC plastic sheet industry has a huge market space and a “future development plan” for supply.

In the PVC sheet industry, PVC film has a wider market and a more reliable market prospect. The widespread application and characteristics of polyvinyl chloride film make it more beneficial to improve its heat resistance, especially for low-temperature applications, which makes polyvinyl chloride film popular among more industry groups.

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as BOPA. According to the application of BOPA-BOPA, polyvinyl chloride film was modified with glass fiber reinforced FR-4 glass fiber reinforced PTFE DF polyvinyl chloride film. BOPA is widely used in automotive engines, canopy covers, interlayer gluing, and other applications. This does not require coarse filtration and is widely used in the field of automotive transportation, from the application of PVC at the beginning of this century to high-speed rail trains. The main reason for this rapid development is the significant difference between polylactic acid and polydegeneracy. With the introduction of polymerized polystyrene compounds or the addition of development catalysts, the production of linear parts of polylactic acid (organosilicon) resin and BOSA composite resin is also a major market.

Polyvinyl chloride (TPEE) resin is an important thermoplastic resin with the characteristics of high strength, non-toxic, flame retardant, and good insulation. It can process complex pipe trenches, plates, and profiles, with initial demand for environmental protection and improvement, but high requirements for temperature and humidity. And polylactic acid pipes are also likely to replace heat-resistant polymers.

PS board has excellent properties such as good transparency, strong resistance to impact, low water absorption, lightweight, hard, and mechanical strength, making it an ideal industrial material. PS board has good mechanical properties and can be used to manufacture instrument lighting components in general. Many high-precision applications are in transistors, diffusers, and coils.

Raw material: Polypropylene: has good chemical resistance, high strength (pressure resistance), high modulus, high hardness, welding, bonding, etc.

New energy vehicle parts have strong impact resistance: good heat sealing function, strong energy absorption, and can be used in packaging, automobiles, and other industrial fields.

Polystyrene board can be used to manufacture refrigerated food containers, polystyrene packaging materials, and various food packaging boxes. Polystyrene material has many excellent characteristics, not only cheap, but also safe and hygienic, with good usage effects. This is the future development direction of plastic board< eod>。

textured abs plastic
textured abs plastic


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