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On the 8th, our company established a dedicated production and sales team, focusing on safety production and developing particle size testing in accordance with the national standard 97 protocol standards. The granular particles produced by our company.

PE flame-retardant masterbatch, PE flame-retardant particle, HDPE flame-retardant masterbatch, PE foaming flame-retardant masterbatch.

Flame retardant masterbatch: flame retardant halogen-free, carrier carbonized PE masterbatch, PE foaming flame retardant masterbatch, PE oxygen permeable flame retardant masterbatch.

PE flame-retardant masterbatch, PP flame-retardant masterbatch, ABS flame-retardant masterbatch, PC flame-retardant masterbatch, PE foam flame-retardant masterbatch, and PE polyethylene flame-retardant masterbatch.

Flame retardant masterbatches such as flame-retardant PE masterbatches, flame-retardant PE masterbatches, and flame-retardant PP films.

PE flame-retardant masterbatch, PP flame-retardant PE film and other flame-retardant masterbatches, filled with flame-retardant masterbatches, and PE flame-retardant film on the surface of the flame-retardant masterbatch.

Impermeable PE/PP injection molding material: Xiaoqing cut PE, PP, EVA injection molding material: PVC hard film.

Impermeable PE/PP injection molding material: PP injection molding material, PP blowing film, PE injection molding material: PP injection molding.

White PE flame retardant mechanism: PE particle sticking mechanism: The main component of the powder is polyethylene resin.

Some plastics themselves are pure resins rather than powdery materials, such as APFC, also known as.

Low heat composite electrical insulation materials PE, PP injection molding, good thickness full material PP, RARZ-51/22, XG557, polypropylene PP, PVC semi transparent materials.

PE film, PCV board, PET polyester film, PVC transparent sheet , PCVC black and white PET, PVC smooth surface.

TPR board, UPVC board, PS board, PMMA board, PP coated profile, board, leather, rubber and plastic products.

Engineering plastics: POM board, PC board, PPO board, PPO board/PE board, ABS board, POM board/PET board, PC+ABS composite board, PC+PMMA composite board, PVC board, PMMA board.

Craft grade PE board, wear-resistant PE board, white PP rod, PC board, material warehouse lining board, carriage bottom plate.

Engineering plastics: POM board/rod, white POM board, PP rod, PVDF board, pom rod, nylon board, white PP rod, carving material, engineering plastics.

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