Looking at the growth path of PVC plastic sheet enterprises from the experience of overseas giants

Looking at the growth path of PVC plastic sheet enterprises from the experience of overseas giants, we can see that they import polyolefin plastics from abroad. Initially, China was rich in PVC plastics, but as a domestic market, it is still in its infancy and has developed rapidly. The properties of polyvinyl chloride plastics are considered mature and have different applications. Especially for the following PVC plastic parts technology, there are still situations.

Extrusion molding: PVC plastic is a multifunctional plastic material. Most polyvinyl chloride plastics have crystallinity, glossiness, and transparency due to their unique properties and perfect products. The sheet product structures developed by Lanhai Small EVA Company include extrusion molding, non bulk density, and multi-layer homogeneous transparent particles. PVC plastics have excellent thermal polymerization properties, thermal creep, and non covalent strength. Similarly, polyvinyl chloride plastics have advantages in terms of production form, performance, and cost. In general, multi-layer and different types of sheet products have advantages.

Cleaning: PVC plastic products do not increase surface roughness after cleaning, and are cleaned immediately.

Embedding: PVC plastic products are processed by various methods under sunlight exposure. Add color to PVC plastic products.

Packaging: Product packaging is used to transport products. When designing products, choose high-performance PVC plastic products based on customer needs, and the appearance of the products meets the requirements.

This is a lightweight and affordable plastic product. Products made of polyvinyl chloride have flexibility and impact resistance, and are widely used in industries such as chemical, steel, power, machinery, chemical, food, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery, instruments and meters.

Foam manufacturers introduce that the production process of foam is made with chemical foaming agent. These additives can be fixed on the wall or ceiling through foam. These products are usually made of foam. Its characteristic is fast speed.

Pure new raw material modified polypropylene has a small specific gravity and poor flowability. Polypropylene is also a new type of waterproof material. Polypropylene has excellent durability, heat resistance, permeability resistance, and toughness. From this polymer, it can be seen that polypropylene is a plastic process and should be used sincerely. By using this material, maintenance costs can be reduced. The service life of polypropylene.

Improving the selection of raw materials and manufacturing process: 1. Selecting extruder screws and screw barrels: The main function of screw barrels is to mix raw materials and plasticizers, so that the materials are mixed by auxiliary machines during the plasticizing process to the extrusion slot through the plasticizing process, and enter the material barrel through the forming section level machine. After extrusion, leveling, shaping, shining, cooling, traction, winding, and shaping.

Waterproof material rubber asphalt construction: a new waterproof coating composed of polymer lotion and inorganic powder, which is a kind of polymer liquid rubber powder with high elasticity and very natural elasticity of existing organic materials. After coating, it can form high elasticity.

Waterproof roll rubber asphalt construction: A new type of waterproof material based on asphalt, mainly including EPDM rubber roll and chlorinated polyethylene rubber blend roll, chlorinated polyethylene waterproof roll, and polymer polyethylene polypropylene waterproof roll.

What are the manufacturers of waterproof coatings? In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s building energy efficiency market, the production and sales of waterproof and insulation building materials have been widely used, and the production and application scope of waterproof and insulation building materials products have been continuously expanding.

1mm hips sheet
1mm hips sheet


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