Plastic sheet manufacturers’ product tax increases involve these products

What are the specifications and standards for standard plastic panels? There are two types of conventional plastic panels: PE plastic panels and PP plastic panels.

When selecting PP plastic board and pPE plastic board, it is necessary to understand the size, color, and surface condition of the PP plastic board.

Generally speaking, PVC plastic sheets are white, and those with poor density are PVC. Therefore, the next step is to thicken the ABS plastic sheets and try to avoid folding them into rolls.

PP plastic board, as the name suggests, is polypropylene plastic. Its raw materials are processed from PP plastic raw materials.

PP plastic panels are also divided into general plastics and engineering plastics, mainly for a wide range of purposes, while PE plastic panels are used in petrochemical equipment and solar plastic.

PP plastic sheets use industrial production equipment such as melting, washing, and sintering, which can be carried out according to actual production needs.

PVC plastic board performance and product features: PVC drainage board, high pressure resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, and waterproof.

High density polyethylene ventilation pipes have the characteristics of light weight, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, odorless, lightweight and breathable, lightweight, shockproof, and easy construction.

Why should we pay attention to what matters when using PP plastic board? Is it originally made of PE plastic board? High temperature resistant PE plastic board is generally black in color.

What are the quality precautions when purchasing PP sheets? We all know that PP board is an environmentally friendly packaging material. The product also has the function of isolating harmful substances.

The PP board produced has high strength, creep resistance, dimensional stability, smooth surface, insulation, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, and other properties. It also has the characteristics of easy coloring and processing.

We know that the color of plastic panels is usually gray or white. When decorating or decorating, we will choose some color raw materials, which are these two items.

PP plastic board, as a green and environmentally friendly material, is very popular and can meet our needs for PP plastic board very well. The boards we produce and design can effectively ensure our safety, and our knowledge of PP plastic board is also important.

PE board is a type of plastic board that has high wear resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. The performance of PE board is much better than that of PP plastic board, and it is much stronger than PE board.

PP plastic board is a semi crystalline material. The hardness is different between PE board and PP plastic board. Temperature refers to the texture and hardness of the PE board. The hardness of PE board is the strength of PE board.

PE board has excellent performance in the market. In the molten state, PE board is easy to process and form into various shapes.

The welding method of PE board is generally considered irreversible for thermoplastic welding. A few processes, such as induction welding, can produce reversible assembly parts. As for which method to choose, it should be made at the beginning of the production process.

The chemical properties of PE board are generally divided into high-pressure LDPE treatment and HDPE treatment. Although there are some differences, the further improvement of polymer toughness is prone to brittleness

polystyrene sheets 3mm
polystyrene sheets 3mm


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