What is the biggest difference between PET plastic sheets in factories in the United States and China

The biggest difference between PET plastic sheets in factories in the United States and China lies in the wide range of applications for PET plastic sheets.

PET roll is a common environmentally friendly sheet material, which is processed from LDPE resin and is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly plastic sheet that can be degraded and foamed. What are the characteristics of PET sheet: it has good impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, self extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, moisture-proof, etc. It is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly plastic sheet. PET plastic sheets can be divided into daily necessities and fruits, and can be used for packaging, food, household appliances and toys, electronic products, chemical products, etc. They are very suitable materials. PET sheets can be used to process shoes, clothing, and other daily necessities, and are also an environmentally friendly plastic sheet material that can be used for packaging, daily necessities, etc., and can be recycled and reused.

Due to the small size and poor thermal conductivity of many products, they also have good heat resistance. Therefore, PET sheets are commonly used to make various food containers and packaging containers, such as candy packaging boxes, fruit trays, wine pot packaging, etc. PET sheets can also be used for packaging daily necessities, as well as for daily beverages and food, and are used for packaging food, etc.

PET sheets for packaging, made from PET as raw material and vacuum molded, are mainly used in transportation, packaging, supply, logistics industries, etc. When used in food packaging, they can effectively prevent transportation damage caused by collisions during packaging, as well as box and bag accessories. Therefore, PET sheets are commonly used for luggage components, commercial components, etc.

Irregular flat pipes can have significant advantages in appearance and packaging materials, effectively reducing material damage in handling devices, and have good reliability.

For PET sheets, products that have undergone drying treatment need to undergo drying treatment during packaging, which is beneficial for product production and use and can prevent product moisture. Due to the need to maintain air during drying, drying treatment is usually required.

The product to be dried will have a certain period of drying and moisture, and regular dehumidification treatment is required for PET sheets. If the PET sheet is dry, the drying time should be set according to the drying requirements.

Generally speaking, the temperature of PET sheets should be around 15 degrees. If it is in the aisle, it is necessary to use 5-6 drying hoses. At the same time, the drying time can be extended appropriately.

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2mm abs sheet
2mm abs sheet


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