What is the difference between the injection molding process and the blister process?

1.Different types of purposes.Blister is mostly used in enterprise electronic technology products, digital cultural products, toys, stationery, hardware, etc. Different types of blister products include blister boxes, blister boxes, blister trays, blister covers, etc. Injection molding is often seen in mobile phone shells, office computer shells, plastic cups, mouse shells, hardware accessories shells, etc.

2.The production cycle is different.The mold product is a hot-soft production mode, and multiple molds can form multiple products at one time. The injection mold has a long production cycle and is produced by a single-mold multi-product press without the need to split the product directly.

3.From the practical application point of view.Blister is a product in the form of packaging design, while injection molding technology is a product in the form of its own articles. The same is that the two are products of Chinese plastics.

4.Different production methods.After heating the sheet, the plastic absorbent product is formed by cooling the sheet and the mold through attractive bonding. Injecting the hot-melt plastic into the self-injection mold under the working pressure, and the cooling system forms. Injection molding is usually used for mobile phone shells, computer shells, plastic cups, mouse shells.

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