What are the advantages of PVC products compared with other materials?

Compared with other materials, PVC plastic products have some advantages. The specific performance is as follows:

1.Lighter weight-Plastic products are relatively light materials, with a relative density distribution ranging from 0.90 to 2.2. Obviously, plastic products are likely to float on the water at will. Especially foamed polystyrene, because of its fine pores, the texture is lighter, and the relative density is only 0.01. Such characteristics make plastic products suitable for the production of commodities that require lightening of their own weight.

2.Good chemical reliability-Most plastic products have good corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Especially PTFE (F4), commonly known as the plastic king, has a chemical reliability even more than gold and silver, and it will not deteriorate even if it is boiled in hot water for more than ten hours.

3.Excellent antistatic properties-Generally, plastic products are basically poor electrical conductors, and their surface resistivity and volume resistance are relatively large, which can reach 109 to 1018 ohms in numbers. The breakdown voltage is large, and the dielectric loss tangent value is small. Therefore, plastic products are widely used in the electronics industry and machinery industry. Such as plastic insulated control cables.

4.Poor conductor of heat, with muffling and damping effects-Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of plastic products is relatively low, equivalent to 1/75—1/225 of steel, and the pores of foam plastic. With gas, it has better temperature insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and better shock resistance. For example, the thermal conductivity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is only 1/357 of steel and 1/1250 of aluminum. In terms of temperature insulation, single-glass plastic windows are 40% higher than single-glass aluminum alloy windows, and double-glass windows are 50% higher. After the plastic product window is combined with tempered glass, it can be used in housing, office buildings, hospital wards, hotels, saving heating in winter and saving central air-conditioning expenses in summer, and the benefits are very significant.

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