Polystyrene plastic sheets

polystyrene plastic sheet is a kind of thermoplastic, with relatively high transparency (light transmittance second only to plexiglass), excellent electrical insulation, especially high-frequency insulation, impact resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance Compared with plexiglass, its mechanical processing and thermal processing properties are not as good as plexiglass. PS board can withstand general chemical corrosion. polystyrene sheets have stable chemical properties. the hardness of the PS sheet is similar to plexiglass. Its water absorption and thermal expansion coefficient are less than plexiglass. polystyrene sheet price is lower than plexiglass. Eco-friendly material, rigid, insulation, good printing and other advantages.

The density of PS plastic sheet is 1.05-1.06g/cm3, temperature resistance is about -30℃ + 90℃.

Polystyrene sheet is widely used in packaging, electrical equipment casing, daily decoration, ordinary electrical appliances, tray, lighting and construction industries. especially widely used in the advertising light box industry.

Polystyrene sheet
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