Analysis of pp sheet selection skills

Polypropylene sheet (PP board) has good heat resistance. Foamed PS is usually used at 80°C. Foamed PE can only withstand 70-80°C, while foamed PP can withstand 120°C. When the foamed PP is placed at 120°C for 22 hours, the size shrinkage is less than 2%. Under the same conditions, the foamed PE shrinks by about 40%. Therefore, foamed PP can be used where the temperature exceeds 100°C. The mechanical properties of PP board are strong, and the mechanical properties are in the high grade of foam plastic; its compressive strength is lower than hard PUR and foamed PS, but higher than soft PUR, with medium compressive strength.

  When we choose polypropylene plastic sheets, we must see the gloss clearly. The ordinary glossy board is made of recycled plastic. There is also pure PP material. The PP board has excellent toughness. For example, it can be slightly bent, and the PP board material is easy to break and uneven. After the general regeneration of the PP sheet, the color of the blend will be different, and the density of the PP sheet will also be very small. The raw material of the PP sheet floating on the water is polypropylene. If it sinks, the material of the pp plate is not pure. For example, some pp sheets are made of recycled plastic. When welding, the smoke and light transmittance is very poor, so there are many ways to choose a PP board. Choose carefully when Purchasing.


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