More and more PC Sheet are chosen as greenhouses. What are the advantages of it?

First of all, the PC sheet greenhouse is a kind of smart greenhouse, and the PE Sheet price is cheaper. The greenhouse generally uses polycarbonate panels, and according to the thickness of the board, the price of the warranty period varies. clear polycarbonate sheet has the best impact resistance among thermoplastics. Even at high temperatures, its latent deterioration is still small and stress relaxation is small. The board made of PC has excellent impact resistance and can maintain stable performance for a long time in a wide temperature range (-40~+120).

In the face of severe weather conditions, it exhibits excellent impact resistance. Under the above conditions, both glass and plexiglass are brittle and hard, while the PC board used is flexible, such as only small jagged notches or deformation in the compression zone, instead of bursting.

At the same time, it can also adapt to various severe weather changes from severe cold to high temperature. The low-temperature embrittlement temperature is -100°C, the high temperature softening temperature is 146°C, and the allowable temperature under long-term load-bearing conditions is -40°C~+120°C, short-term load-bearing The temperature ranges from -100°C to +135°C. Under this condition, other plastic sheets will be significantly deformed or even completely destroyed, but the PC board still has excellent physical properties.

Moreover, the PC sheet has good light transmittance, with a light transmittance of more than 90%.

The PC board sheet has good water resistance. It has been tested by the National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and reached the flame retardant B1 level according to the GB8624-1997 standard. In addition, the board will not promote the spread of the fire under the strong flame. The solid polycarbonate sheet will not promote the spread of the fire. It will not produce dense smoke or toxic gas, and will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire, which shows that the board has good flame retardant performance and has been highly evaluated in several major fire protection tests in advanced countries in the world.

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